Though Mojo Perry started playing at age 5 he has been writing, recording, and releasing music since the age of 14. In a recording career that has spanned 29 years his catalog represents sincere changes the Arist has endured over the years and documented a musical growth.  Herein lays just SOME of the official releases that stand out.  Enjoy!

2012 - Milwaukee




1. Welcome to Wonderland
2. MadHatter's Tea Party
3. A Hatter's Dream


Mojo Perry - Guitar, Looping, Guitar Effects
Dove Dewey - Bass, Bass effects, Bass looping
Victor DeLorenzo - Drums and Percussion
Jim Korn - Drone Bass
Chris Duarte - additional guitar in random spots

**Note: The Wonderland record is three very long tracks.  However, Mojo released "Wonderland Cutouts", which contains 15+ tracks that are all pulled from the original "Wonderland" tracks plus an additional 20+ minutes of a never before released track that could not fit on the original release due to time limitations.  A definite and way cool addition for this album!!


1. Fool In The Rain 
2. Hottsie Tottsie 
3. Twenty Dollar Bill
4. Eye of the Beholder
5. Trouble
6. Good TImes
7. Question Answer
8. Indrani
9. Heroin
10. Rainy Days
11. Going the Distance

**(Special Tracks available only on European Release)**
12. Monkey Food
13. Milwaukee Blues


Mojo Perry (MadHatter) - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Visionary
Chris Duarte - Guitars, Vocals
Ryan Pettersen - Drums
Jim Korn - Bass
Keith Farnum - Bass
Diana Dawn - personal Aid to Mr. Perry

Executive Producer: Lloyd Reid Cole

Engineer'd, Mixed, and Produced by: Dove Dewey


The "Wonderland" album is a house recording. It's Psychedelic Jazz and Experimental music was created together with my Brothers and Creative Family: Dove Dewey, Chris Duarte, Victor DeLorenzo, Jim Korn, and a whole crew of musicians who all assembled with me for a week to record my "Milwaukee" album. We lived together for a whole week in a Mansion in Milwaukee Wisconsin where I had the pleasure of living for a year. This album falls into the Experimental Jazz and Sounds Genre amongst others. I find that this special body of work is enjoyed on snowy days but then again it's how I remember creating "Wonderland" Here's a clip from my journal. My writings through the whole week were short and spotty as I was recording an album and producing amongst other hats I was wearing that week. Enjoy and thanks for pre-ordering! I am including the ORIGINAL recordings in this pre-order. When the album gets released you will also get the edited album, and all associated extras. I thought it may be fun to enjoy these full length recordings. There's photos from the sessions included in this download so have fun with a peak inside a very special recording. 
- mojo perry 

2011 - Absinthe Journeys

Absinthe Journeys

1. Naughty Boy
2. No Tomorrow
3. Vagabond
4. Casual Dismissal
5. Story SOng
6. The Madhatter
7. Intermission
8. La Fee Verte
9. I'll Remember You
10. Slow Down
11. Tunnel Of Love
12. Come Back To Me
13. Madness


Mojo Perry (MadHatter) - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Visionary
Levi Douma - Bass
Ryan Pettersen - Drums

Executive Producer: Lloyd Reid Cole

Produced by: Mojo Pery and Dove Dewey
Engineere'd and Mixed by: Dove Dewey

2011 - Two Equals One

Two Equals One

1. Coming Home
2. Slow Down
3. What You've Done
4. I'll Remember You
5. I would Love You
6. Sitting On A Park Bench
7. Clean
8. Codine (Solo Version)
9. Wishes (Solo Version)
10. In My Dream (Solo Version)
11. Eleven (Solo Version)
12. Waiting


Mojo Perry - Guitar, Vocals
Roger Battisfore - Guitar, Vocals 

Executive Producer: Lloyd Reid Cole
Produced by: Mojo Perry

Engindeered By; Hans Christian

2009 - Echoing Endlessly

Echoing Endlessly Inside My Head

1. Magic Butterfly - Taurusian
2. Wishes
3. Tears Of Paranoia
4. Take A Wild Chance
5. Foot Fetish
6. My World
7. I'm This I'm That
8. Somethin's Gotta Give
9. Ballad To Death
10. Alone With Me


Mojo Perry (MadHatter) - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Anthony "Two Tom" Williams - Drums
Roger Battisfore - Bass 

Produced by: Mojo Perry

Engineere'd and Mixed by: Dove Dewey

2002 - Closer to the Far Away

Closer To The Far Away

1. Never Said Ever
2. Why'd You Lie
3. One Time
4. Just Because
5. Mister
6. Wrestlin' With The Bottle
7. Miss My Rainbow
8. Inner Peace
9. Smile
10. Friend
11. Underwhere
12. Amazing Grace
13. The Embarking
14. Closer To THe Far Away
15. I'm A Joke


Mojo Perry - Guitars, Vocals, Visionary
Dove Dewey - Bass, backing vocals
Shawn Badanjek - Drums

Produced by: Mojo Perry

Engineere'd and Mixed by: Mike Flood 

2000 - Bookmaker


1. JuJu Bee (Band)
2. J-n-J Forever (Band) 
3. The Church  (Solo)
4. Sinking Ship
5. Eleven
6. Go Home
7. The Reason Behind (Solo)
8. Drugs (Solo)
9. Pills
10. The Mill
11. JuJu Bee (Front Porch Version)
12. J-n-J Forever (Solo)
13. Down
14. About Me
15. Taken From A Letter
16. See You Later


Mojo Perry - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Visionary
Dove Dewey - Bass
Dan Bush - Drums
Jeff Roblee - Percussion
Will Shearer - Drums
Tom Collins - Saxophone

Engineer'd and Mixed by: Dan Bush

Produced By: Mojo Perry

1995 - The Man


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The Man

1. I'm This I'm That
2. In My Dream
3. Codine
4. Foot Fetish (Wandering Gypsie Version)
5. Hate Pain/Ceremony
6. Pretty Lady
7. The Man
8. Moyer Road
9. I Waza Fool
10. Tell Me Your Story
11. In My Dreams (Raw Version)
12. Sitting On A Park Bench


Mojo Perry - Guitars, Vocals, Visionary
John Quinn - Bass
Aaron Laho - Drums

Produced By: Bernie Larsen and Mojo Pery

Engineer'd and Mixed by: Bernie Larsen 


 This is NOT a complete listing! We are compiling Mojo's massive recording credits and multiple album titles he has played on.  Check back for more credits!