1. excommunicado

From the recordings Mojo Perry - All 9 Albums! and excommunicado

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Words and music by: Mojo Perry

Sixty Dollars in
Twenty Dollar Bills
Is all I had As I recall
Found myself
running on the Lamb
Over somethin’
I shouldnt’ve said
Over Somethin’
I shouldnt’ve did

Both hands on the wheel
Drivin Down the Road
I got a hundred Miles
Left to Go
I know there is trouble up ahead
Pretty girls, drugs, and Money
a troubled Life
you carry guns
to Stay Alive

Sometimes you win
Sometimes you don't
Sometimes you go
Sometimes you won't
It’s all real
and not a joke
Sometimes a man’s
gotta be a man
and take
what another man has

Sometimes your lucky
to be alive
You better know
when to run and hide
You gotta do
what you gotta do
Pretty Girls, Drugs, and Money
A troubled Life
You carry guns
to Stay Alive