Chuck Hubbell - Bass

Chuck Hubbell boasts an impressive career as a bassist, having immersed himself in the art since 1972. His musical journey was inspired by luminaries such as Chris Squire of Yes, Geddy Lee of Rush, as well as iconic bands like "Grand Funk" and "The Jimi Hendrix Experience." With a lifelong dedication to music, Chuck has been an active member of various bands, showcasing his remarkable talent on the bass, guitar, and vocals. His contributions to the Milwaukee music scene have been extensive, including notable affiliations with esteemed groups like "Atomics," "Motown MKE," "Standard Eagle," and others. Chuck's exceptional skills have made him a highly sought-after bassist, frequently sought by renowned musicians across the state. A turning point in his career occurred when Mojo reached out to Chuck in a moment of need, leading to the inception of a lasting legacy.

Although Chuck did not perform on the "Milwaukee" album, his instrumental role in its creation cannot be overlooked. He played an integral part in the pre-production phase, providing a strong and steady foundation. Chuck's talents and invaluable insights reverberated throughout the entire pre-production process. Additionally, his distinct bass lines can be appreciated on numerous singles releases and accompanying music videos.

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