Tone lives in the heart...

These are the ladies I play with. They have been featured in countless performances and used on many recordings.  They find their names after I have the opportunity to get to know them. Sometimes, like in the case of "Rosie" and "Lulu", I arrive at their names immediately. Other times I arrive at a name after dominating personalities become apparent and remind me of people, animals, or characters I read about.  To me, these instruments have unique personalities and qualities.  What makes these instruments so special is the life they seem to give once you start playing them.  I don't know how other guitarists feel about their favorite instruments but for me... the Art I create would not be possible without their input.  Enjoy.

Meet My Dearest "Alice"


Meet "Alice".  As far as all my ladies go she is the Queen Princess!  She is an absolute doll and Joy to play!!  Her feel is very smooth and it's very easy to fall in love with her gentle demeanor but make no mistake, "Alice" is built for battle and comes packed with surprises!!  For starters, her neck is carefully constructed to resemble vintage guitar preferences I have and compliments my hand size. She's built for comfort and speed!  Her body weight, due to the Vintage Walnut inside, gives "Alice" a sustain and bite like a Les Paul or Paul Reed Smith but with the flexibilities in feel and flight like a Stratocaster or Harley Davidson!!! Believe it or not, "Alice" come packing with Heavy Artillery in her pickup configurations.  Bob Harrison didn't fuck around!!  Alice has a voice on her thats soft and gentle like a Siren but fast, smooth, and easy to fly on!!  She's a genuine Joy and and absolute Work Of Art!!  There will never be a Cigar Box Guitar like her ever again!  A one of a kind Doll that takes me to Wonderland whenever we play together.  Alice will appear on my "Live at Shank Hall" CD and NEW Studio Album set for fall release.  Her pictures do not do her justice.  "Alice" plays well with "Sassy" and my other ladies but brings the "Diva" to my show.  Our Chemistry is so special....  "Alice" arrived at her name due to my Wonderland Adventures.  I have yet to meet a person, creature, or Spirit that shares her personalities. However... I've many many who share some of her qualities: she's a lover... She is the the true definition of beauty.  What I find interesting about her the most is her expression of numbers.... On her Box, in her hardware, and so much more... there is a distinct pattern of numbers.... What do they mean?  What is she trying to say?  What does it all add up to??  What's the story?  only Wonderland knows but I believe I will surely find out.  ~ mp

Everything about this guitar was made with a great deal of thought, planning, and superior craftsmanship.  Her box was discovered at the Nice Ash in Waukesha, Wi!  By far, one of my most favorite places to perform at!  "Alice" was created to handle the rigors of the Road and boy does she ever!!  If you want to know all the spec's please click here to learn about "Alice", see more pics of here, and most importantly, meet Joshua Gayou. He's the man responsible for building this dream guitar!!  Also, be sure to check out Bob Harrison's Pickups!  He's the madman who came up with the amazing pickup's and covers!!!