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Meet Mojo Perry

Mojo Perry is a guitar virtuoso who started performing in taverns at the age of fourteen. He stood out among Michigan guitarists, releasing his first album, "Gypsie Boy Blues," at 16, showcasing his unique sound and potential. Mojo has always been dedicated to his Art and is constantly found recording his music.

At 23, his brainchild, the "Wandering Gypsies," achieved modest success with their record, "The Man," laying the foundation for his musical inspiration. He pursued his own path, delving into Psychedelic Rock and found work as a Blues session guitarist in Chicago while experimenting with his own Psychedelic music in the studio and live performances.

Identifying his style as “Psychedelic,” his solo album, "Bookmaker," in 2000 gained him broader recognition and showcased his fusion of Psychedelic Rock and Blues. His energetic Psychedelic guitar playing made Mojo a favorite on the festival circuit.

With each release, Mojo refined his unique sound, blending Art, Blues, and Psychedelic Rock. His albums "Closer To The Far Away" and "Echoing Endlessly Inside My Head" further established his distinct style and attracted national and international attention.

Mojo's album "Absinthe Journeys" in 2011 brought him significant success and recognition for his creativity and songwriting. Other records would later surface.  “Wonderland” and “Cut Outs” saw posthumous releases and his “Milwaukee” record featured prominent players from today's Blues Rock circuit. He embarked on extensive tours worldwide, captivating audiences with his Cigar box Guitar, "Rosie." Mojo's broad vision and deep rooted passion for sounds make him an exciting act to follow.

Many consider Mojo Perry to be a 21st Century Bluesman.

Chuck Hubbell

Tony Williams - Drums