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The Mighty Joe White - DRUMMER

The Mighty Joe White earned his name the old fashioned way: by playing his ass off anywhere and everywhere he can! 

Joe White is a Berkeley School of Music Graduate who approaches drumming from the raw side of the streets. One of Wisconsin's greats, the Mighty Joe is always found playing behind the local Gods at taverns, festivals, and every place in between. Joe is also quite often found at the House of Blues in Chicago!  A very Creative Cat, the Mighty Joe White is not only amazing to watch but also fun to listen to!  Plus, he's a pretty nice guy! 

As a drummer, Joe does things differently and in his own way. He shines bright by putting his own spin to the beats he plays and his own feel into the music at hand. He’s a seasoned vet on the performing circuit of the Midwest. As part of the Mojo Perry Band, Joe fits in quite well with Chuck and Mojo.  He brings excitement, (even MORE excitement, if you can imagine that…), and a fun show in itself.  
In addition to drums, Joe plays Guitar, Bass, and Piano.  He’s also not a bad singer as well, (BE SURE TO GET HIM TO SING!!).  If you haven’t met him, stop in and introduce yourself!

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